Sketchy Miami sketch number seven. Tommy Pesavento!! (my hubby)

Meet Tommy Pesavento.  My wonderful, fantastic, absolutely fabulous hubby of 9 years. This is my favorite sketchy so far.  I've never really been able to do a good sketch of Tommy till today.  Here it is...

Sketchy Miami sketch number six. Matt Gajewski

Meet Matt Gajewski, my sketch number six for Sketchy Miami“Matt is the creator of the 90.5 WVUM radio program Pure Imagination, which features short stories and improvised narratives set to music by Miami-based composers. He also plays guitar in the band Sirens & Sealions.”


Sketchy Miami sketch number two. Laura Jill

Sketch number two! Even though we're supposed to draw people we don't already know, I cheated on this one. Meet Laura Jill, she's awesome.  She's also vegan and into super cool stuff.  More Sketchy Miami sketches to come :-)


I moved to Miami Beach!

Well my hubby and I are in Miami Beach!  Living here.  It was a pretty easy move since all of our stuff went to storage.  We're in a furnished place while we explore the area and find a spot to call our own. In the mean time, thanks to a new awesome Miami Beach friend, I've discovered a project called Sketchy Miami.  How cute is that?  The idea is to draw a portrait of everyone in Miami.  If you live in Miami upload a picture and a local artist will sketch you. If you're a local artist, pick a picture to sketch and upload it.  They have sketchy parties as well.  So much fun!  We are encouraged to sketch people we don't already know to promote mingling. I plan on sketching a few portraits. Here's my first one, her name is Kayla...