Sketchbook Project Complete!

After 4 months of drawings and coloring, I have finished my sketchbook project!   I'm excited to mail it off to Brooklyn for it's tour, display and new permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library.  A part of me is a bit sad to let it go after spending so much time with it.  But I guess if I kept everything I made I'd be buried up to my neck!    I hope everyone can make it to one of the tour locations.  There will be tons of sketchbooks to browse and lots of inspiration to gather.   I'm so excited to see what everyone else has made, and to go to New York of course!  Here's a few pictures to hold ya over...


  1. Dear Jen,

    My mom and I got a chance to see your journal. It was so much fun for us to reminisce about our trip to Portsmouth and our fabulous lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery. We had an incredible salmon salad. I picked up a pack of those matches that you drew. Thanks for helping to spark that conversation and bring back those memories!

    Leah Virsik

  2. This makes me so happy. Thank you! I think there is something magical about Portsmouth. I had a lot of fun making this sketchbook

    I'm starting another sketchbook about my move from Portsmouth to Miami Beach. Check back soon :-)